Friday, December 26, 2008

Thin Soup

Hope is the fertile soil from which the tree of despair grows strong, bearing flowers of devastation who's cruel inescapable scent poisons the soul.

Better to salt the land and be content with the thin soup of happiness life provides from time to time.

...such very thin soup...

sunshine haiku

I sent a penny
to a friend and she sent me
sunshine in return.

dependent happiness

Today I'm sad because one of my friends is sad. I'm also sad because another friend is very sick.

Sometimes I think the only way to be happy is to not care about people at all. If so, I guess I'm doomed to be sad, because I can't stop caring.


I have my moments, and today, right now, I've remembered how to smile for myself again.

Should you find me at a time when this moment has passed, please know that I will always have smiles for you.

I never run out of smiles to share with my friends.

You are and always will be my friend.

In case you've forgotten (as I sometimes do), smile! :)