Thursday, March 11, 2010

Billy's Balloon

Every now and then I return here to blogger or Live Spaces or a half-dozen other blogs I've tried hoping that one of them has improved or added some of the basic features that I take for granted on Facebook so I can finally separate my blogging from everyday socializing and hopefully start to seriously blog and/or vlog as I've been planning to (in my head) for several years now.

Something as simple as posting a link (embedded video or site link using an auto-generated thumbnail image or a selected page photo which even Facebook hasn't managed to screw up yet) is still mission impossible here on blogger. I'd much rather be able to hit the "share" button and send the item here than to Facebook where anything I post "disappears" within a day or two to the endless unsearchable attic known as "older posts".

Perhaps we'll see some improvements after Google launches their Facebook-killer, but for the time being, within minutes, every site I try leaves me feeling like I'm fighting with a killer balloon.


  1. i like that picture of you. Every time I read anything by you an automatic thought flies through my mind....why are you not using your gift